Principal message

The Holy Quran says;

 Say [unto them, O Muhammad]: Are those who know equal to those who know not? But only men of understanding will pay heed (Holy Quran 39:9)

Our school is very much guided by the above statement of Allah SWT. We provide our students of basic age with the best education possible in a favorable environment. We establish a foundation in their young minds to have an ever-expanding desire for knowledge as well as inculcate in them the high morals of Islam so that they will conduct themselves in an exemplary manner throughout their lives .We want them to be successful Muslim students and citizens.

Our school is a high quality Islamic-base Secondary school using English as our medium of instruction and at the same time we emphasis on both our National Language and Arabic Language. We have long recognized that our world is becoming more globalized and as such we train our students to be more international-minded and conscious of their environment.

Our teachers are continuously being trained. They carry out their duties in line with the best practices of Islamic and western education currently, to ensure our children are guaranteed places in country reputable institutes and colleges. We purposely keep our teacher-student ratio small to ensure the effectiveness of our methods. Through this way, we can expediate the academic progress in a productive manner.


We are committed not only to ensure our students success and excellence in Islamic knowledge and discipline in academic pursuits but also focus on co-curricular activities.


We take great pleasure to welcome you to Islamic Institute for Education to see our commitment towards an all-round education for our young students based on total submission to Allah SWT.

Molana Syed Yousuf Hasan Tahir