Students are not allowed to enjoy leave without a reasonable cause.

 Parent / guardian are required to approach the institute for child leave along with application dully supported by reasonable cause.

 It is essential for the parents to give attention on child at home.

 Method of teaching should be same as adopted in the institute. Parents may meet with teachers for necessary instructions regarding study at home study.

Institute teachers are not authorized for tuition.

 It the sole responsibility of the parents to ensure their child to reach in the institute within time.

Note.   Institute has no relation with transport.

 Respect of Teachers and other staff is mandatory for students and parent as well.

 Complains shall be resolved according to the institute rules and regulations.

 Water bottle and lunch box should be tagged with student name.

 Parent should place Identity card on front pocket of Montessori student / child.

 Person should be nominated for pick and drop of Montessori student / child.



 Good conduct and disciplined behavior are essential aspects of a Muslim’s life. Islam teaches us to have the best conduct and to display good discipline at all times and at all places throughout one’s life.

 We expect our students to come to school with a positive attitude. We expect courtesy, respect and general good behavior from each and every child. We believe strongly that a student’s attitude plays a major role in his or her ability to excel in social, academic and spiritual activities.

 Student should come with neat & clean uniform.

 Boys should have a neat gentlemanly haircut and girls should have simple hair-do. Girls are not to put on jewellery / ornaments/make-up. They may use headscarf in and out of the class.

 A student failing to wear the proper school uniform will be punished and he/she may expect to be sent home immediately to get properly dressed. Excuses such “Uniform is wet, torn or dirty” will not be tolerated.

Students are not allowed to come with precious things. (Mobile, Jewellery etc)

 Student should be regular and punctual in attending all periods, organized activities and morning assembly.

 Student must respect the school environment and keep it tidy. Student should make themselves personally responsible to see to it that they do not leave litter of any kind. litter boxes are provided around the school or in the classroom. Throwing of litter in the schoolyard, class-rooms. Staircase etc, is considered a serious offence.

 If Student having any difficulty or problem regarding school matters should relate to their Campus In-charge.

 Students and parents ensure the obedience of all rules and regulation of the institute.

 The management of the institute reserved the right to struck off the student name that breaches the institute rules and regulations.



Leave Rules

 Students are required to be punctual in daily attendance and remain present during school hours and on all school functions. Absence from school interferes with child’s academic progress. It is important for all students to be on time for school from the very beginning of the session. In order to inculcate the habit of regularity and to develop the sense of responsibility, the following rules must be observed:-

 Students arriving habitual late for morning assembly comers are sent back home.

 Application for leave of absence up to 3 days, duly signed by the parents, will normally be submitted to the class teachers in advance, however, except in case of sudden illness or other unforeseen emergency, it must be submitted on returning from leave.

 Leave of absence exceeding 3 days must be obtained before a student absents himself/ herself. Application for such leave duly endorsed by the parent/ guardian will be addressed to the principal.

 A Medical Certificate from Registered Medial Practitioners must accompany a leave application for leave of illness.

 In case parents want to collect their child before the end of school hours, they must send in a written request to the head of related Campus to this effect.

 A student with less than 75% attendance will not be endorsed for the Annaul Examination.

 A student who remains absent from the school for more then four consecutive days, will be struck off the school rolls without any further notice.

 Merit certificates are awarded to students having 100% attendance at the end of each Academic Session.



 A student must wear the school uniform on all occasion when he / she is attending school. Responsible parties should ensure that their ward wears the proper school uniform when coming to school.