School Detail


Pre-School is the most crucial phase for learning and development. Kids need meticulous attention at this phase of learning. The Pre-School at IIFE consist of Montessori and KG grades. IIFE's focus is to provide a strong educational base to students at pre-school level. Our teachers are well trained by national and international instructors to provide a good learning experience to our students. Pre-School teachers are specially trained to provide a friendly environment to kids and we are proud to say that our teachers at pre-school are well trained and dedicated. At IIFE, our aim is to become a second home for kids where they develop both cognitive and physical aspects of learning.


Hifz Section:

 Nazra Quran

Learning of Nazra Quran is compulsory for all students.

Unique Hifz Quran (Optional)

Hifz section offers this opportunity to talented students only. Hifz work is got completed in religious environment without physical punishment, after completion of Hifz they are shifted to the normal /formal education.

We are also arrange WAFAQ exam for Hu’faaz Studnets to assess Grade in Pakistan.

Hifz Workshops

Curriculum Development wing arranges Training Workshops for Hifz teachers to increase their ability.




Junior School:

The Junior School years are of great developmental transition and consist of grade one to fifth. Students experience significant changes in both their academic and personal life, making it important to handle carefully the needs of children during these years. In Junior School, we ensure effective learning through planned curriculum and project based class activities. Our pedagogy approach ensures excellence and creativity in our students. We encourage participatory and collaborative learning environment in all of IIFE campuses, pushing students to take on intellectual challenges.



Senior School:

The Senior School is an advance level of learning and consists of sixth to tenth grade. The Senior School is a time when students develop complex ideas and concepts. Effective teaching methodologies by our teachers help students to ace senior school and connect the dots of complicated real-time problems and how to resolve them effectively. We immerse our students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines, so that they can make sense of the world. At IIFE we also focus to actively engage students in project-based, collaborative learning environments which incorporate and promote the use of higher level thinking, digital technologies, content-driven problem solving skills, and alternative assessments in every class.